Message from the Dean

  • The newly established Faculty of Innovation Engineering (FIE) is formed by restructuring the existing strengths in Information Technology, Nanotechnology and Materials Science, Systems and Control, and Environmental Science and Engineering.  The Faculty of Innovation Engineering consists of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, Department of Material Science and Engineering and Department of Environmental Science and Engineering. The FIE also has a structure that facilitates collaboration with the two State Key Laboratories (Chinese Medicine and Space Science) and the Faculty of Medicine.  In keeping pace with the fast advancing and diverse disciplines in modern engineering, the program at M.U.S.T. emphasizes the cultivation of an “Innovation” and inter-disciplinary mindset through a rigorous core foundation program and in-depth cross-disciplinary personalized innovation projects. Students are also exposed to a broader knowledge base including communication, entrepreneurship and design thinking.   

    We have assembled great talents at M.U.S.T. to provide the unique program in Innovation Engineering.  The brilliant learners, teachers, and staff at the FIE at M.U.S.T. work in harmony for the innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and create a wonderful place to do science and engineering for the benefit of mankind – and in a world city with deep East-West cultural heritage of over 400 years.  You are welcome to explore our Faculty website and find out more about us!


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Faculty Introduction

  • The decision to establish FIE is based on extensive deliberation by the University leadership, substantial consultation with stakeholders, careful examination of similar initiatives from universities and research institutes worldwide, and positive feedbacks from high-tech leaders. The official unveiling will take place on March 27, 2022.

    The establishment of FIE brings strong but detached research clusters into a single unified structure and organization, integrates and consolidates resources for engineering disciplines, creates fertile grounds and opportunities for inter-disciplinary ideas to flourish and come to fruition, and is conducive to the internationalization effort. The FIE will consist of the following academic units: School of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of Environmental Science and Engineering. In addition, FIE is academic home to the following research institutes: Macao Institute of Systems Engineering; Macao Environmental Research Institute; Macao Institute of Materials Science and Engineering; Macao Institute of Smart City; International Institute of Next Generation Internet; Open Intelligent Electric Vehicles Research Center (OIEV-RC); Joint Laboratory on Medical Robotics Innovations; and Macao Centre for Mathematical Sciences. The organization structure facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration with other units including the Faculty of Medicine, the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, the Dr. Neher’s Biophysics Laboratory for Innovative Drug Discovery, the State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences, the National Research Station of Coastal Ecological Environments in Macao and the Key Laboratory of River Basin Digital Twinning of Ministry of Water Resources.